Historical Conference for the Persecuted Christians by Hungarian Government

Budapest -28th Jan,2017:

We have fulfilled our responsibility towards Pakistani Asylum seekers in Thailand, Malaysia and Sri-Lanka by elaborating the miserable plight of Christian Asylum seekers. There were 17 Organizations from the world and only three organizations, Farrukh Saif Foundation, Rescue Christians, and Release International have highlighted the problems of Pakistani Christian asylum seeker Community. So far No decision has been made in this regard but we have given the assurance to the Hungarian Government that we will take care of our brethren and they will not be a burden upon the Government of Hungary.

(Farrukh Saif , Keith Davies, Asif Mall Sharing the Plight of Pakistani Christians Asylum seekers )

We would like to inform you all that all the other news that lists have been prepared by the Hungarian Government or they are visiting IDC is fake. People are playing with your emotions. This Chapter of Hungarian Government was designed for the Syrian and Iraqi Christians, Whereas I, Farrukh Saif, while Representing FSF, Keith Davies Representing Rescue Christians, Asif Mall Representing Release International made every possible effort to seeks help for our Pakistani Brethren.


Yesterday Keith Davies and Farrukh Saif met with the Head of the Mission for the Persecuted and submitted a Petition from Rescue Christians for the Pakistani Christian Communities in Which we clarified to the Hungarian Government that Rescue Christians Will be taking care of the Travelling costs and few of our friend organizations of Rescue Christians will help these people in Resettlement .

We have done our best to convince the Head of the Mission to take the Pakistani Christian Asylum Seekers and now its all in the hands of God Almighty.

Farrukh Harrison Saif addressing in a conference on “Persecution of Christian Minorities in Pakistan” at the United Nations Office in Geneva


Geneva- Switzerland : It was a privilege to speak about the Persecution faced by the Christian community in Pakistan at United Nations Office in Geneva on 18th Sept,2017.

Here are the contents of my speech “ … The issue of the persecution of the religious minorities is not new to the International community, in-fact Pakistan has been declared as one of the dangerous countries for the Religious Minorities by the US state department and other renowned research centers of the world.

Before going further about the Religious Persecution in Pakistan, I would like to point out that Pakistan was never envisioned as a Country for Muslims only. Mr. Jinnah, prior to the Independence of Pakistan stated on 14th Nov 1946 “I am not fighting for Muslims, believe me, when I demand Pakistan.” It is a clear message by the Founder of Pakistan that he was neither working for Muslims nor envisioned a theoretical state. His aim was to build a secular separate country for the religious minorities of India.

Christians played vital role in the creation and development of Pakistan and till day We are the most loyal citizens of Pakistan. But There are so many issues of Christian community in Pakistan, that if I would start speaking about the plight of oppressed Christians, it would take hours of mine to elaborate those facts.

The discrimination and persecution of Christians and other Religious minorities are rooted in the constitution of 1973, drafted by Zulifqar Ali Bhutto’s Government and approved by the parliament on 10th April 1973. Due to this new constitution all, the religious minorities were barred from any higher official status the in government.

Continuation to this, the Major setback for the Christians and Other Religious minorities was the 8th amendment in the constitution made by the dictator Gen. Muhammad Zia-ul Haq and empowered by the Nawaz Sharif government in May, 1991, This entire situation led  the religious communities’ persecution in Pakistan and legislation of Islamic Laws in the state gave reawakening to the Christian persecution through the Blasphemy Laws.

Since 1987 to 2017, so far 222 cases of Blasphemy laws have been registered against  Christians. This law has been used to settle down the personal vendetta against the oppressed and persecuted Christian community. By using Blasphemy law, many Christian Colonies and villages were set on fire by the Fanatic Muslims. Shanti Nagar, Baminwala, Koriyan, Christian Colony Gojra and Badmi bahag are few of such places which were destroyed and ransacked by the Muslim fundamentalists.

The policies of 1980s, In which mujahideen from around the world were called to station in Pakistan and hundreds and thousands of Madrassa’s were established to train those mujahideens to Jihad against the Russian invasion in Afghanistan. After the Afghan- soviet war, these Mujahideen were never disarmed and later Pakistani establishment used them as a tool for the proxy war within and outside Pakistan. These trained Mujahideen were activated as Lashkar-e- Taiba, Harkut-ul- Mujahideen and Sipa-e- Sahaba and Jaish-e-Mohammad and till day these sorts of groups  are still  active in Pakistan and Pakistani society has become the safe heaven for such mindset.

This Extremists mindset started targeting the Churches and Christian events, On 22nd  September 2013, a twin suicide bomb attack took place at All Saints Church Peshawar in which 132 people lost their lives and more than 200 people were seriously injured.  A Similar sort of attack took place on 15th March 2015, at Roman Catholic Church and Christ Church during the Sunday service at Youhanabad Lahore, in which at least 21 people were killed and 48 were wounded in the attacks. After the attack at Youhanabad Church when Christian mob protested and took law in their hands and killed two facilitators of suicide bombers, the law enforcement agencies arrested 42 Christians, in which one has lost his life in the jail and the rest are being asked to convert to Islam if would like to see the day-light again.  On 27th March 2016, on Easter Sunday, at least 64 people were killed and over 246 injured in a suicide bombing in Lahore.

The Province of Punjab in Pakistan has become the center of these terrorist organizations. Time to time Pakistani establishment is using them for the short term objectives. That is why Punjab is the dangerous province for the Christians and Other religious minorities. Since 1987 to 2017, majority of the cases of persecution were observed in this province.

You all have heard about the persecution of Asiya Bibi, but today I would like to share another heart touching case of Blasphemy that needs your attention. A Paralyzed Christian man Shafaqat Emmanuel and his wife Shagufta Kausar, who are the parents of four underage children, were arrested in Gojra City on 27th July,2013 and awarded the death sentence on 4th April,2014. They were accused of sending blasphemous text messages to the Muslims. However, both of them are uneducated and unable to read and write Urdu or English. Even knowingly, the Pakistani court has given them the death sentence. After three years when the appeal was fixed before the High court bench, they refused to hear the case because of the intimidation from the Islamic groups. This case was also like the cases which were designed to settle down the personal vendetta against the Christians.

The Christian community in Pakistan is facing discrimination and persecution on daily basis. The Persecution of Christians has forced them to flee from their homeland and took asylum in Sri-Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia. From 2012 to 2015 more than 12000 Pakistani Christians families left Pakistan to avoid future persecution. Hundreds of them are still in the Immigration Detention centers in Bangkok Thailand. If there is No persecution in Pakistan then why these people are leaving their homeland and facing the hardships in the jails of other countries.

Christians of Pakistan have never been considered as equal citizens of soil and it is even worst that the world is unable to recognize the Religious Persecution of Christians taking place in Pakistan. Every year 1000 girls are abducted in Pakistan, almost 700 of them are Christians or Hindus. These girls are abducted, raped and then Converted to Islam and sometimes even sold to the sex industries.

Christian discrimination and Persecution is on its hype in Pakistan on 27th August 2017 when a teenage Christian Boy Sharoon Masih, who was studying at MC Model Boys Government High School in the Punjab was beaten to death by his fellow school student for drinking the water from the same cup used by Muslims students.

Almost every day we witness such incidents in Pakistan , Therefore, I will urge and invite the United Nation and the International community to investigate the religious persecution in Pakistan, which is mounting as the days pass by , where the religious minorities especially Christians are forced to leave their homeland.”

We will continue to  raise the voice for the Persecuted Christians of Pakistan.

Usman Masih, charged with Blasphemy law, has been set free in Pakistan.


Our help comes from the Lord, He never leaves us alone. He gives us strength and power to help our persecuted brethren in Pakistan. In Past years God has used us to save the victims of the Blasphemy laws and our devoted and faithful team always did their best to save the lives of the persecuted brethren.

God once again used Farrukh Saif and associates  for setting  another Christian man Usman Masih , free from the clutches of the Blasphemy law. Usman Masih, was falsely accused for committing Blasphemy against the Prophet of Islam on 25th May 2016 in Punjab Pakistan.

On 16th Feb,2018, In Open Court ,Muhammad Moeen Khokhar, the Additional and session judge of ferozewala, Punjab Pakistan, announced his acquittal from the jail. Usman Masih spent 1 year and 9 months in the jail for the crime which he never committed.

In 2016, Liaqat Masih, the father of Usman Masih contacted us and requested us for the help of his son. Our team investigated the whole issue, and we found that there was a gang of Christian and Muslim men who took the picture of the girls and women and posted them on the Facebook and then black mail them. Prior to this Blasphemy accusation, Usman Masih had a fight with these men in which he got seriously injured and Usman Masih submitted a Complaint against them in the same police station, but police did not act against them. Few of the persons involved in this racket were influential and rich and they wanted to fix Usman in such a case that he may end his life in the jail and Blasphemy law was the best case to fix Usman Masih.

With the support of the police and some local influential people, this gang registered an FIR against Usman Masih under the blasphemy law. They accused Usman for posting and sharing the Anti Islam material on the Social media whereas Usman used to work at the Honda Factory and he hardly had little time for the family. He never involved in any of such activities.

Police took his Cell phone and computer in the custody for the investigation and later SSP Investigation Mr. Najeeb Ullah Khan testified in the Court that he did not found any blasphemous material from Usman’s Cell Phone and Computer. He further told that the Forensic laboratory analyzed his computer as well as his Facebook account and found nothing sub verse against Islam.

Even Ehsan Asmat, the complainant was failed to provide any evidence against Usman Masih. Farrukh H. Saif, International Director of Rescue Christians and his team were making all their efforts to prove Usman Masih innocent in the court and today God has blessed us with success to save one more life for the kingdom of our Lord.

In last 8 years, Farrukh Saif and associates have proved to be the real Christian organization which works practically on the ground despite the high risk of being killed for helping alleged blasphemy perpetrators. Life is vastly miserable and unpredictable for minority Christians in the ISLAMIC Republic of Pakistan but We will keep fighting for thousands of crying eyes and broken families who yearn for justice, respect, rights and dignity. May God give us strength to continue our mission.

Kashmala Munawar The Victim of Peshwar Church Blast Fly to Australia .

Few minutes ago Kashmala Munawar the victim of Peshawar Church blast fly to Australia for further treatment. Kashmala Munawar was one of the victim of the Peshawar Blast who had multiple pellets in her legs . Doctors amputated her one leg and rod was fixed in her second leg. But doctors are not sure for saving her second leg. Rescue Christians our partner organization provided the medical treatment to her in the best hospital of Peshawar .

Farrukh Saif head of WVIP, Requested  Australian friends jeannette wells and  her husband Ron for her treatment in Australia . They requested Children First foundation to help Kashmala.

Thanks to Children First Foundation who accepted this challenge and invites Kashmala for Further treatment.

We are also very thankful to our Pakistani Australian brothers who play vital role in this difficult project. Especially we would like to thanks Saeed Khan , Dr. Baber Peter and many others who did their best to make this project successful. 

We are also very thankful to Our God almighty who helped us and given us strength to complete this task. 

Kangaroo Justice for Blasphemy Victims


Last year in July 2013 crippled Christian man, Shafaqat Emmanuel, and his wife,Shagufta Kausar, were arrested in Gojra District for allegedly sending blasphemous text messages to the local Muslims.  You can find their full story on the following link:

Shafaqat Emmanuel who is crippled and has no sensation in his lower parts of his body is being detained in a Toba Tek Singh Jail along with his wife. In the meantime four children along with their grandfather Emmanuel Masih were given shelter by the Farrukh Saif.

Over the last six months our advocates have been making their best efforts to get relief from the Session Court and High Court of Lahore. Earlier, the session court had denied the bail application of Shagufta Kausar and similarly High Court of Lahore denied the bail application (bearing number 13876/13) last week and directed the Additional Session Court to complete the trail within 60 days.

Mr. Justice Sayyed Mazahar Ali Akbar Naqvi was initially convinced with the argument of defense. However, following pressure from Muslim clerics and the local bar of Gojar City he was forced to deny bail and directed the trail judge to conclude the whole case within 2 months. During the case complaint proceedings Muslims clerics threatened the defense lawyers many times. Even one of the ban outfits has sent threatening letters to the office of our advocates to discourage them from defending the couple.

When our lawyers went to Toba Tek Singh jail on the trial date, they were again threatening with dire consequences. In response to the threat, we filed the Transfer Petition with the High Court.This was turnined down by the Seating Mr. Justice Sh. Najam-UL-Hasan who also directed the Additional Session Judge to conclude the case soon as possible.

However, Mian Amir Habib, the Additional Session Judge, is biased and is openly supporting the complainants and their lawyers. We don’t know whether this is due to fear or sympathy to their action.

According to our observations Mian Amir Habib has set his mind to sentence the couple; we know what is going on in this Kangaroo trial! We believe that he will give the death sentence to this crippled man and 35 years imprisonment to the uneducated Shagufta Kausar for sending text message.

We do not know why Human Rights Organizations around the world do not see such injustice in Pakistan, where Law is been used as a prostitute. Instead of giving justice to these persecuted people Judges are giving them sentences.

Imagine a man who cannot go to the washroom or take bath without anyone’s help, how he is surviving? Last night we received a call from the jail that Shafaqat has been moved to the jail hospital and is in a really bad condition. Today when our team reached the jail we found that he is in hospital due to multiple bed sores and that soon he will need surgery because his sores are more than 3 inches deep. We don’t know how long Shafaqat will survive in this condition.

We would request the International Community to raise its voice for this persecuted couple and their four children.