We Save another Christian Girl Shama Nazir

12- Sept,2013 Lahore  : Once again our brave team saves one more Christian girl from the Clutches of her abductors. Thanks to our Lord who is using us to save and protect the Christian community in Pakistan.

On August 22, 2013, three Pakistani Muslim men – Umar Saghar, Muhammad Kashif and Shahid Nazir  abducted Shama Nasir, a 15-year-old who is the second child of Nasir Masih.

A few days before this incident occurred, these three men visited Nasir Masih and asked him to embrace Islam, which he refused instantly. Then, on August 22, while  Nasir Masih was at work, they entered the house and beat his wife and children before kidnapping Shama.

That night, Nasir Masih  along with some local Christians went to the police station to register a complaint against Umar Saghar, Muhammad Kashif and Shahid Nazir. However, instead of taking their application, the police stated that his daughter Shama had embraced Islam and was married to Umar Saghar. The police humiliated Nasir Masih and other Christians, threatening to put them in jail if they came back.

Nasir Masih went to several Christian NGOs and churches to help him to rescue his daughter, but no help was provided. Soon thereafter, Nasir Masih contacted our team  through one of the previous victims we had helped. On September 9, we investigated the matter. We engaged with some of the influential Muslims through our lawyers to help us rescue the young girl. After two days of meetings with Muslim clerics and influential persons, we were able to rescue Shama Nasir from Umar Saghar.

Initially, Umar Saghar refused to hand Shama over, stating that “she is his wife now and he will not return her.” Some of the Muslim clerics who backed Umar also stated that “she is Muslim now and you cannot take her back.” However, our team and a Muslim friend pressured Umar and Muslim cleric Qari Aslam to bring the girl to the meeting and to ask her if she accepts being a Muslim and remaining the wife of Umar. Then this matter would immediately be finished.

On the evening of the September 11 ,as soon as Shama saw her father she began shouting, requesting her rescue from Umar, saying that “she did not accept Islam and that Umar had forcibly put her thumb print on various papers.” Shama also said – in front of everyone – that “I want to go with my father.”

Our lawyer warned Umar that if he would come after the minor girl again then he would take serious action against him. He furtherly  told Umer ,that we will conduct Shama ‘s  medical checkup and if she was sexually assaulted then we will also file a case of abduction and rape. As Umar and his companions left, they made threats against all of us. Then after we immediately  moved Shama and her father to Lahore City for their protection from Umar and his companions.

Today, we have sent Shama for a medical and DNA report. We have also filed the application in the Court for registering a FIR (criminal complaint) against Umar and his associates. However, according to Shama, she stated that Umar raped and tortured her many times. We hope that this minor Christian girl will get justice.

Tania Rubecca, A Christian Girl Abducted and Sold.


On 28th April,2012 Tania Rubecca, resident of Village Daultabad ,Tehsil Manawala , District Shiekhpura was kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam. The Aggrieved family luckily traced the kidnappers through cell phone number.

According to Tania “ On the day of incident, I left home at around 9:00 A.M for Nankana City to my maternal uncle’s home . I was stopped by Rehana who offered to sit in the car and they would drop me to my uncle’s home. I accepted the offer and sat in the car as Rehana is well known to me. when I sat in the Car, I Observed that there were three men in the car, Muhammad Ashraf ( the Husband of Rehana ) ,Rehana’s Son , and an unknow driver. When I tried to resist they warned me and threatened me that if I would make a noise they would kill me . Then Rehana informed me that we are taking you to Multan for the delivery of their relative . Afterwards they put toxic powder in my eyes and put black scraf on my eyes and started beating me. However I realized that they have kidnapped me . They informed my family that they are taking me to Multan for a delivery .

Rehana and Ashraf took me to Dera Ghazi Khan and handed over me to Muhammad Zafar . I was completely out of mind and unable to understand the situation . Rehana and Ashraf left the place , Then Muhammad Zafar Sexually harassed me .Even his family members were forcing me to convert to Islam. I totally refused to Embrace Islam. Later on I was sent to Muhammad Ismael aged 50 – and Khadim Hussain aged 45, the resident of Nawan Janoobi Dera Ghazi Khan. I was Completely unaware of my sale and purchase . Both of them raped me again and again.”

During this time the family of Tania was doing their best to track their daughter. They were lucky to track Muhammad Zafar through his cell phone SIM.

But when Robert (Brother of Tania) and Shafaqat Masih went to Dera Ghazi Khan to find Tania , Muhammad Zafar refused to tell anything about Tania . However with the intervention of the Ex-Mayor of Dera Ghazi Khan, Muhammad Khan Khachela, they were able to get the exact location of Tania. Muhammad Zafar Informed the police and Muhammad Khan Khachela that they have paid 85,000 PKR for Tania . Muhammad Zafar said that if they are able to pay us 95,000 PKR we are ready to set Tania free. Muhammad Zafar also told that presently she is in the custody of Khadim Hussain and Ismael .

Tania’s Mother immediately give their house on lease on 200,000 PKR . On 1st June ,2012 Robert (Brother of Tania) and Shafaqat Masih went to Dera Ghazi Khan, there they came to know that Khadim Hussian and Ismael had sold her to Atta Muhammad and Rub Nawaz . After knowing this, Ex-Mayor Muhammad Khan Khachela called Atta Muhammad and Rub Nawaz to bring the girl . Firstly they were not agree to return the girl but later on they agreed to return the girl . After the Long struggle Tania Rebecca was recovered by the family after paying the amount of 95,000 PKR .

A prejudiced action was shown by the police that there was an FIR (First Information Registered) against the culprits but police did not arrest them. And Still Tania and her family is receiving threats from these Culprits as well as from the Police . Twice unknown people visited the house of Tania’s parents to get Tania Back.

When she was recovered, one Pakistani NGO started claiming in the international Community that they are helping this persecuted Girl, whereas her experience with the NGO is bitter. Which we will definitely unveil in her Interview of her soon.

Awful Torture:

During a counseling class with Tania we found that she was very much ill-treated physically and mentally, you cannot even imagine the torture suffered by Tania. The abductors treated her like barbarically . But it is shameful for A Human rights and Christian Rights Organization who only used her to get funds and benefits. We would request the international community to look in such matters closing and support the victims directly rather than giving money to such people and Organizations who use God’s Money for their Luxury life-style.  We would request the international community to rise the voice for the Persecuted Christians of Pakistan.  

Christian couple arrested in Gojra in blasphemy case.

Christians of Gojra are again under threat

On 21st July, 2013 evening another Blasphemy case was registered against the Christian couple in Gojra City in Punjab province.

Bishop from Karachi and Christian Journalist from Islamabad had inform  Mr. Farrukh Saif to look into the sensitive matter on urgent basis. They informed us late at night to take quick action and we quickly responded.

The story is as under:

Shafaqat Masih and his wife Shagufta Bibi accused of blasphemy case were arrested on July 21, 2013 but the First Investigation Report (FIR) No. 407/13 was registered under 295-B and C against anonymous, however the police has taken the Cell Phone and SIM card into its custody, Which was later found the ownership of Shagufta Bibi, wife of Shafaqat Masih.  Police recorded the Statement of the couple declaring their ownership and shifted them to unknown place for further investigation.

After taking necessary action and keeping the sensitivity of the issue in mind, police sent the couple to Gojra Jail.

Earlier, Rana Mohammad Fiaz (complainant) informed the police that he had received a blasphemous text message from a private cell number. After the investigation Police found the SIM card data, and bring into being the details and arrested the couple.

Background: The family is living in pathetic situation as the couple has 4 growing children; the youngest one is of 6 years old. Shagufta Bibi was working in a mission school as class four staff and sole responsible of taking care of her children as her husband is crippled and unable to earn.

Gojra City is observed and declared a very sensitive area in such cases. Earlier in 2009, due to the similar cause, radical Muslim set a blaze the Christian colony, and 8 family members were burnt alive. The fire was started from the Korian Village, Distt. Toba Tek  Singh and so far hundreds of houses were turned to ashes in the said district. Much family had left their houses and shifted to other areas of the country.

Earlier on July 13, Sajjad Masih was sent to jail for life imprisionment in the same sort of text massages case. The city police of Gojra in association with some fundamental Muslims made baits against Christian boy Sajjad Masih. The case was sent in the court of Main Shahzad Raza, Additional Sessions Judge Gojra, for trail of the case.

The prosecution had failed to prove the case against Sajjad Masih. Even then Main Shahzad Raza, Judge of the Court, announced his judgment on 13th July, 2013 and sentenced him life imprisonment.

The area is known as a house of the banned militant organization Lashkar e Jhangvi. It is reported earlier that local government is backing up this organization. And this case of Shafaqat Masih and his wife Shagufta Bibi is the continuation of Gojra Tragedy.

We have not been able to understand the unreasonable situation of the Pakistani courts; the text massage/ SMS is taken as sole evidence against the accused of the Blasphemy case whereas the DNA test report, which is an authentic proof against rape, is not acceptable according to the Islamic Sharia Law.

Our legal team is Providing the legal and moral assistance to the persecuted family.

Asiya Masih, rescued and saved by our team


A young Christian girl named, Asiya Masih, daughter of Francis Yaqoob, aged 14 years, was a resident of Chak no.198 EB, District Vihari. Francis Masih worked as a laborer in the fields of the landlords. Due to the poverty, Asiya Masih also helped her parents in the fields to earn some more money for the family.

On 11th November, 2012, she went to the fields to pick cotton flowers from the fields. The two culprits, Mohammad Javed and Mohammad Mumtaz who lives in the same  area.  They abducted her from the fields and took her to some unknown place. After raping her they took thumb impressions of Asiya Masih on different papers. more than 10 days they raped her tortured her.

When her father Francis Masih came to know that Mohammad Javed and Mohammad Mumtaz had abducted his daughter, he made a complaint in the local police station but the police did not cooperate. Afterwards Javed and Mumtaz called Francis Masih and threatened him that if would contact the police again, they would kill Asiya Masih. They also proposed Francis that if he wants his daughter back, then he would have to give them a written document that he would not take any police action.

The local Christian leader contact Mr. Saif for the help of this persecuted Christian family. On 22nd Nov,2012  with the help of our legal team we were able to rescue the girl from her abductors.  Even yesterday the local Imam of the mosque, announced  that as Asiya Masih was converted to Islam, she cannot live as a Christian again, if she did not follow the Religious customs of Islam , She and her family will face the consequences . He also announced that all eight Christian families of the village should be banished and their houses should be burnt. And today at 5:00 P.M they are holding a meeting of Muslim clerics in Chack No- 198/EB District Vihari . However with our efforts we were able to control the situation and moved the persecuted family to the safe place in Lahore. Mr. Farrukh H. Saif Requested the international community to lift their voices for the defenseless Christian Girls and women in Pakistan.

Shabana Masih abducted,raped and forcibly convert to Islam.


Shabana Masih daughter of Ghulam Masih age 16 years Christian girl, resident of 55/2-L Tehsil District Okara, was abducted raped and forcibly converted to Islam. On1st July ,2012 Shabana Bibi was abducted by Anwar Boota (Islamic Name Muhammad Umar) a Converted Muslim aged 45 year from her home with the help of his companions. Anwar embraces Islam years back and associated with the radical cleric Dr. Mian Abdul sami Haqqani of village 55/2-L.

The father of Shabana bibi Ghulam Masih filed an application against Anwar Boota in Sadar Police station at District Okara. On4th July 2012FIR (First information record) bearing No.627/12 was registered against Anwar Boota. After Abducting Shabana Masih, Anwar Boota  repeatedly raped and tortured her; He also took her thumb impression on different papers.

For more than two months Shabana Masih was kept hostage by  Anwar Boota, as she got opportunity she escaped from their and reach to her parents.

Ghulam Masih and Shabana Masih along hundreds of villagers reached at police station at Sardar Okara, the Investigation officer Haji Abdul Ghafoor refused to take her statement. Whereas Haji Adbul Ghafoor pressurized Shabana Masih and her father to favour the accused. He harassed Ghulam Masih and Shabana Masih that if they did not change their statement then he will involved his father in criminal case as well registered a Blasphemy case against Shabana Masih.

Anwar Boota (Muhammad Umar) get the bail before arrest with the help of  Muslim cleric Dr. Mian Abdul Sami Haqqani and Local police, after providing the fake document of Shabana Masih that she also embraced Islam on 2nd July,2012. Mian Adbul Sami Haqqani submitted his statement before the session Judge that Shabana accepted Islam and now married with Anwar Boota ( Muhmmad Umar).

In October,2012 Mr. Ghulam Masih and her daughter Shabana  requested the Farrukh Saif   to help them in legal matter as well provide them security.

Our legal team filed the petition in the High Court of Lahore against the Anwar Boota (Muhammad Umar) and High court of Lahore dislodged the calim of Anwar Boota and directed the police to take action against all those who were involved in this matter.

We therefore request international community to please lift your voice for the defenseless Christian girls. Targeting christian girls are pleasurable activity for Muslim of Pakistan. Please keep Christians of Pakistan in your prayers.

Saima Masih a Christian Girl Abducted Raped and forcibly converted to Islam.


Saima Masih  ,16 years old Christian girl, resident of Tehsil Yazman  mandi, Bahawalpur, was abducted ,raped and forcibly converted to Islam by an influential Muslim Landlord Muhammad Javed . Saima and her family were living in District Bahawalpur, her father Gulzar Masih was a poor cultivator.

Saima Masih was often harassed by Muhammad Javed, And she complaint this to her family. On  25th  January, 2012, when Saima went to the local Market along with her neighboring friend, she was publicly harassed and proposed by Muhammad Javed for marriage. She instantly refused the proposal. After reaching home, she reported this incident to her Parents. Same evening, parents went to Muhammad Javed ‘s home and complaint to his father Muhammad Riaz. Instead  of warning his son, he threatened the poor Christian parents  for dare-consequences.

On 9th March, 2012, with the help of Zubaida Bibi (a neighboring lady who had strong relationship with Saima’s family), Muhammad Javed abducted Saima Masih while her parents were not at home .They took Saima to Gujrat where Muhammad Javed and Muhammad Sardar (Uncle of Muhammad Javed) raped her .

Gulzar filed an application against Javed and his family in the local police station, but police took no action against the culprits. After knowing the seriousness of the situation on 15th March, 2012, Muahmmad Javed Forcibly converted her to Islam, after taking her signature and thumb impression on different papers. And then on 21st March he again took the Signature’s of Saima Masih on the Islamic marriage certificate.

For six Months Saima Masih was repeatedly sexually tortured by Muhamamd Javed and his uncle Muhammad Sardar. On 12th September, 2012 Saima got a chance to escape from the place where they had kept her. She reached her home and inform her parents, all what happened to her.

Saima along with her parents went to police station but again No Action was taken against the culprits. As Muhammad Javed is wealthy and influential person.

Our legal team taken this case on the request of local Christian leader and we filed the FIR against Muhammad Javed in the session Court however the court turn down our application.

thereafter We filed a petition is the High Court for registering an FIR against the Culprits.  immediately after that Saima and her family is receiving threats from Muhammad Javed and other influential political persons to withdrew her case otherwise they will make her life hell. Due to these threats Saima and her family have been relocated by our team.

Mr. Saif avowed that “Many Christian’s girls are raped at the hands of the Muslim people in Pakistan. Rape and abduction has been used as a strong weapon against the Christian and other Religious oppressed community girls in Pakistan, a country where Christians and other Religious communities are treated as the most un-accepted elements of the society, targeting Christian and other girls and women become so pleasure full event for Fanatic Muslims. Christian girls are particularly vulnerable to these types of crimes.  Christian girls and women normally don’t file any police reports against such crimes; they usually kept silent because of the fear from the Islamizes as well Christians are also economically very poor and cannot hire any lawyer to defend them. That’s why only two percent rape cases were reported and majority cases were never came on media or press”

Barkat Masih a Christian victim of Blasphemy Laws Set Free in Pakistan


Mr. Farrukh Harrison Saif  welcomes the decision of the Bhalwalpur Court on dated 28th Jan,2013. The legal team of Mr. Saif who were defending the case of Barkat since  beginning .

In Oct,2011 Barkat a converted Christian was falsely accused under the section 295-C of the Blasphemy law by the local Muslims .

A sweeper by profession, he had been accused of blasphemy when he refused to hand over duplicate keys of a shrine where he used to work to Muhammad Saleem and Muhammad Shoaib. They threatened him of “dire consequences” and on October 1, 2011 filed an FIR against Masih under Section 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code.

Masih was acquitted by Additional Sessions Judge Chaudhry Jamil Ahmad on Monday. The lawyer of the Barkat was constantly receiving threats from the Muslims lawyers and local Muslims of the Area . Even then the brave team leader and lawyers  did their best to get the acquittal of Barkat from the trail Court .

Farrukh Harrison said, “I am very grateful to the police for their support. Everyone knew that Masih was innocent, the fact and findings by the police also played a very important role in his acquittal.” Harrison’s Christian rights outfit was providing legal support to the accused.
Commenting on the security implications for Masih after his release, Harrison said, “The courts can only provide justice, they cannot guarantee security. The police can only ensure safety of the citizens for so long. Masih and his family will have to relocate and start over afresh because his life is under threat at his current hometown.”

Ryan Stanton, Moved to Safe-Heaven

1st -Feb ,2013 -Bangkok :

On Oct,2012, Ryan Stanton was accused for sending text message against the Prophet of Islam and later on FIR was registered against him in the Local police station in Karachi under section 295-C (Mandatory Death sentence ).

However we took the risk of rescuing him and provided shelter to him at safe place until we would decide to defend him through the court or to move him out of Pakistan. As organization it was a difficult situation for us to decide but after the discussion with his parents we finalized to help him out of Pakistan as if he would have been surrendered or sent to jail, he would have been received death sentence or might be killed in the jail like Qamar David .

Then later on having discussion with our International partners Rescue Christians, we immediately decided to move him as there were few of the staff of our Foundation who were forcing me and other Members to get him arrested and let take publicity like other Organizations. But in 2009, when I desired to start this Foundation, it was a vision to help the persecuted Church not the self-proclamation or publicity.

God has already blessed us through our work for the Persecuted Community and we don’t need any such publicity by arresting or destroying someone’s life. 3 days ago before this discussion, on 28th Jan,2013, God had used us to acquit Barkat Masih from Blasphemy charge who was given death sentence but after struggling hard, our lawyers were able to release him through the High Court and this was one of the greatest Achievements on account of our Foundation.

Saving life is the most difficult and blessed work and our God is using us to save this persecuted Christian community in Pakistan. On 30th Jan, 2013, I personally travelled with Ryan to secure his life and I wish God give me more courage and strength to do more for his people.


Picture : Farrukh H.Saif with Ryan Stanton

Today, when Ryan is out of the danger zone and now registered with UNHCR as an Asylum seeker, our responsibilities will end here, although we have decided to support him and our international Partner will going to support him for couple of month while he will not get in Refugee status. I would request you all for your prayers .

Remarkable victory, within 28 days we set free Blasphemy victim Sajid Masih


17th June,2012 Lahore Pakistan : We  proven to be one of the best team to save and protect the Persecuted Christians in Pakistan. And today after releasing a victim of the Blasphemy law from the jail we sustain our reputation.

On 18th May, 2012 Sajid Masih was arrested in the Farooqabad ,district sheikhpura. He was charged under the section 295/B of Blasphemy laws. But after 28 days (16th June,2012) we were able set free Sajid Masih from District Jail Sheikhpura.

It was impossible task but our ground team put all their efforts to make this event possible. His father Inayat Masih and other family members were rejoicing and thanking us for our efforts. But we believe, this is Jesus who made this possible. As humans we only make efforts but these miracles only took place when He shows his grace.

UNHCR Bangkok continues to Persecute Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers. By Farrukh H.Saif


29th Sept,2016 – Bangkok : Since last two years we are bringing the attention of the world towards the vulnerable Pakistani Christians who are stuck in a limbo in Bangkok but till day the world is unable to recognize the Religious Persecution of Christians taking place in Pakistan.

The PEW Research Center, Open Doors, Human Rights Watch and US State Department have declared Pakistan a dangerous country for religious minority but for UNHCR, these asylum seekers and refugees are economic migrants. If UNHCR don’t consider these reports of religious persecution in Pakistan then they need to change their measuring tools.


Couple of days ago when I heard that UNHCR Bangkok has closed the file of “Talib Masih”,  I was shocked because if UNHCR is rejecting the cases like Talib Masih, it clearly indicates that they are not interested in providing  justice to the Pakistani Christians.

Many of you are thinking who is Talib Masih??  For your information, I would like to take you to 2009 in Gojra city, where on false rumors of a Quran desecration at a Christian wedding in the eastern village of Kurian led to violent demonstrations that climaxed August 1, 2009 in the destruction of more than 100 Christian houses in nearby Gojra.

Seven Christians were killed in the mob violence; including six family members were burnt alive in their home. However Pakistani authorities clearly stated in Judicial report that “the Quran desecration allegations were unfounded and that banned Sunni extremist groups in the area had incited the attacks.”

This whole episode was started on 24th July 2009 in Kurian village on the wedding of Mukhtar Masih’s daughter, where Talib Masih , Mukhtar Masih and Imran Masih (Muhktar ‘s Son) were accused of desecration of the Quranic pages. Local police station of Gojra registered an FIR bearing No-426/2009 against them.

In the same week dozens of Christian homes were burnt by the extremist Muslims in Kurian including the houses of Talib and Mukhtar Masih. These series of attacks ended in Gojra Christian colony on 1st August after looting and burning and killing Christians.

Talib Masih and Mukhtar Masih were supported by different organizations in different times. Firstly Talib was provided Safe home by Joseph Francis and the then Christian organization CDI.  Around for two and half year Talib Masih was in hiding and CDI was making efforts to get the CNIC cards as during the riots, CNIC cards and other documents were burnt as well .It was impossible for Talib Masih to go to Gojra union council to get the copy of the duplicate ID as every Muslim in the Gojra city was his enemy .

After long struggle CDI was able to get his new ID card and immediately they helped him to get out of Pakistan. Talib Masih reached Bangkok with the hope that he will be accepted as a refugee but UNHCR rejected his case and even closed his file a month ago.

Whole of the world is aware what had happened in Gojra city but UNHCR is failed to protect Talib Masih. Despite knowing the fact that after such charges no any person can survive in Pakistan, UNHCR has refused Talib Masih’s case.  We have several examples of mob violence where the Muslims have killed innocent Christians with blasphemy allegations.

It is not easy for any Organization to relocate and protect such victims, in last 8 years we have done that many times by rescuing such people and we know how difficult it is but it was very easy for UNHCR to reject and close the file of such a victim.

Currently, we are working on Talib Masih’s case to be re-opened by the UNHCR as well as our friend organization is working on to relocate him to a safer country.