Our Organisation with its limited resources are aimed to free the slaves from the Brick kilns in Pakistan. In last sixty days we were able to rescue 15 families from the different kilns in Pakistan. These families are merged into the system and now they are living a better lives. Our Organisation has provided them safe homes and better jobs to feed their families.

Following are the names of the families;

S.Nr Names Number of Family Members
1 Yaqoob And family 6
2 Munawar And family 5
3 Rafeeq And family 6
4 Shahbaz and Family 5
5 Rasheed and Family 5
6 Kamarn Masih and Family 6
7 Allah ditta and Family 7
8 Joseph and Family 6
9 Hussain and Family 8
10 Javed and Family 3
11 Bashir and Family 5
12 Khalida Bibi and Family 4
13 Noor Ahmed and Family 3
14 Nadeem and Family 7
15 Rafique Masih 5


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