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Asian regional news related to Christian Slavery, Blasphemy and Persecution

Pakistani Rights Advocacy Group Urges The PM To Roll Back Single National Curriculum

Pakistani rights advocacy group has urged the Prime Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif to annul the Single National Curriculum (SNC). Single National Curriculum was initiated...

Pakistani Christian Police Officer Faces Pejorative Remarks And Threats Of Termination From His Senior

A Pakistani Christian police officer allegedly faced religion based discrimination at the hands of his official. The incident has been reported from Pakistan’s city...

Iranian Court Hands Down Harsh Punishments to Three Christians

Three Christians have been handed down severe punishments from a court in Tehran. Details emerged that that a Tehran Revolutionary Court has sentenced three...

Pakistan’s former Premier Imran Khan and several others booked under blasphemy law

Pakistan’s former Premier Imran Khan and 150 others have been booked under blasphemy law. A blasphemy case has been registered against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chief...

Persistent Persecution Forced Hindus to Leave Pakistan.

In the wake of steadily growing religion based intolerance, discrimination and persecution approximately 800 Pakistani Hindus have left Pakistan seeking safe haven in India....

European Human Rights Court Nods To A Pakistani Christian’s Asylum Claim

Sigh of Relief for a Pakistani Christian convert, as a European Human Rights Court shows a green light to his asylum claim. In keeping...

A Hindu girl was shot dead during an abduction attempt in Pakistan.

In another incident of violence against religious minorities in Pakistan, an 18-year-old Pooja Oad a Hindu girl was shot dead in Pakistan’s Sindh Province....

Afghanistan: Christian Persecution On The Rise, USCIRF raises concerns

A recent report released by the US Commission for International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), has detailed that the Christians in Afghanistan are at a great...

Iran Targets Online Evangelism To Curb Conversions To Christianity

Iranian Christian converts face mounting challenges and struggles to keep their faith amid escalating hostility. Worth mentioning, that it is illegal for Muslims to...

Assailants Raid A Christian School Threaten Of Dire Consequences

Reports emerged that a Christian school was purportedly raided by at least fourteen men. The unfortunate incident unfolded on Friday, May 1, 2022. The...

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