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Asian regional news related to Christian Slavery, Blasphemy and Persecution

20 Year Old Christian Girl Convert Imprisoned in Iran

Emergency Rescue Committee- A 20 years old Christian girl convert, Fatemeh Mohammadi, was imprisoned in Iran. The future of Christianity is in a grave...

We Rescued Seven Afghan Christian Families From the Clutches Of the Hardline Taliban

It’s been more than two months since the Taliban took control of Kabul and once again showed the world the true face of violence...

Saima Masih a Christian Girl Abducted Raped and forcibly converted to Islam.

Saima Masih  ,16 years old Christian girl, resident of Tehsil Yazman  mandi, Bahawalpur, was abducted ,raped and forcibly converted to Islam by an influential...

All Saints Church, Peshawar Suicide bombers attack- full Report

All Saints Church was built by Worthington Jukes in 1883. This Church is famous for its architectural uniqueness which resembles the structure of any...

Aliya Bibi was Raped by Kiln Owner Multiple Times Until We Rescued Her family.

Being Christian and poor is a massive problem for Christians in Pakistan. In the past ten years, we have fought for the rights of...

Bashir and Azra a Modern Day Slaves set free by Our team

Bashir and Azra, a Pakistani Christian family, was enslaved in the Brick Kiln in Southern Punjab from last 30 years. Bashir took the loan...

Eight Christians were Released on bail in Iran but could face 15 years Jail...

Emergency Rescue Committee- Eight converted Christians of Bushehr city in Iran were released on bail but it’s a strong apprehension that they could face...

Asiya Masih, rescued and saved by our team

A young Christian girl named, Asiya Masih, daughter of Francis Yaqoob, aged 14 years, was a resident of Chak no.198 EB, District Vihari. Francis...

Out of the frying Pan into the Fire.

Singapore: During my recent visit to Thailand I observed the deplorable situation of Christian refugees. These Pakistani Christians were forced into exodus from Pakistan...

Converted Christian teenager in the India, was killed by a radical Hindus

Converted Christian teenager in the Odisha state of India, was killed on 4th June by a radical Hindu. According to the Persecution Relief, the body...

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