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Asian regional news related to Christian Slavery, Blasphemy and Persecution

We Rescued Seven Afghan Christian Families From the Clutches Of the Hardline Taliban

It’s been more than two months since the Taliban took control of Kabul and once again showed the world the true face of violence...

Christian Girl Abducted and Forcibly Married to Muslim Man

Shabana Bibi is a 21-year-old Christian girl whose father has passed away and her mother supports her family as a housemaid in different houses....

Another 12 Christian Slave Families Were Freed From Slavery

Slavery has existed for thousands of years, but economic and social forces in different countries have empowered its reappearance in the past few years...

Fear of Christian Genocide In Afghanistan

The Taliban are celebrating their victory after the complete withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan. On the other hand, thousands of Afghans...

Persecution of Christians in Afghanistan, what will happen to Christians who are under the...

You cannot claim to be a Christian in Afghanistan because leaving Islam is a crime punishable by death. If the family of a converted...

The report says, Taliban’s are searching door to door for manhunt

A report warns that the Taliban have stepped up their search for people working for NATO forces or the former Afghan government. It said militants...

Afghans Are Protesting to Keep the National Flag Despite the Taliban’s Terror

Demonstrations erupted in several eastern Afghan cities a few days after the Taliban took control of the Afghan capital, Kabul. The videos show afghan...

Kabul has Fallen, Heart Wrenching Moments at Kabul Airport

Depression, fear, killing and a barrage of bullets continue in the atmosphere of Kabul ,since Taliban took over the control. People are fleeing to...

What Will Happen to Christians in Afghanistan? Now When Taliban Control Afghanistan.

Christians are being persecuted badly in the world, now we have to fight on another front. And that is Afghanistan! Many people around the world...

Asifa Bibi was Raped by Kiln Owner Until We Rescued Her family.

Asifa Bibi and her family were enslaved in a bricks kiln in Pakistan, where she faces the most horrific experience of her life. Listen...

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