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News about Christian persecution, slavery and blasphemy cases.

Slaughter of Christians in Africa continues

Hundreds of Christians have been slaughtered by Islamic terrorists in at least three African countries in recent weeks, CBN News reports. Christian communities in...

Lebanese Christians Suffering More Misery After Deadly Beirut Blast

The Beirut blast that killed 160 people adds to the suffering of Christians who already face food shortages and social unrest due to the...

Five aid workers killed by extremist groups in northeast Nigeria

In recent years alone, hundreds of innocent Nigerians have been killed and thousands displaced, and the Nigerian government has failed miserably to protect its...

Christians Flee Turkish Bombardments In Iraq

Iraqi Christians want prayers for Christian and Kurdish families suffering from Turkish bombardments and incursions in Northern Iraq, aid workers say. Thursday’s appeal sent to...

Most of the Christian Refugees Has Drastically Declined In USA

Christians around the globe face growing persecution and many look to the United States for refuge. New numbers, however, show they're not getting near...

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