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News about Christian persecution, slavery and blasphemy cases.

Legislation Of Bill Prohibiting Forced Conversions In Pakistan Faces Undue Delay

In the face of ravaging incidents of forced conversions of minorities’ girls, which have increased sharply in Punjab and Sindh, the undue delay in...

Deaf-Mute Abducted Christian Girl Still Missing

Deaf-mute Christian girl abducted from Lahore’s Manga Mandi area. 15-year-old, abductee Muqaddas is missing while her family pines away in her absence. An FIR...

15-Year-Old Christian Girl Forced To Convert And Marry Abductor

In a recent episode of abduction and forced conversion and marriage of minorities’ girls, Faisalabad’s 15-year-old Saba fell a prey to Muhammad Yasir’s devilry....

Fanatics burn Houses And Stores Of Christians Over Allegations Of Blasphemy In Nigeria

Religious fanatics set fire six houses and stores belonging to Christians. This recent episode of religion based persecution unfolded in Nigeria’s town Katanga in...

We Liberated 123 people from slavery

In Past years, we were able to liberate more than 36,000 people from Slavery in Pakistan. However, due to the limited resources, we were...

No Hope For A Pakistani Christian Woman Accused Of Blasphemy

A Pakistani Christian woman (her name withheld for security reasons) who was accused of committing blasphemy last year in 2021, still waits justice behind...

Chinese Bishop Missing For Over A Year

Whereabouts of a detained Chinese bishop still remain a mystery even after a year has passed after he was arrested.  Bishop Joseph Zhang Weizhu...

Pakistan Slammed For ‘Extrajudicial Killings Of Minorities’

Pakistan slammed for disparaging the religious minorities in the country. On May 24, the conference on “Islamism And Human Rights In Pakistan” was held...

Christian Youth Brutally Killed After Abduction in Pakistan

22-year-old, Christian boy Sharash Masih was brutally killed after being abducted. Deceased was resident of Itokke Awan village of Bata Pur, District Lahore. In...

Forced Conversions Rampant In Sindh Pakistan

Minorities living in Pakistan are exposed to various forms of persecution. This persecution, in most instances, finds its root in religious bigotry. A report,...

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