Kabul has Fallen, Heart Wrenching Moments at Kabul Airport


Depression, fear, killing and a barrage of bullets continue in the atmosphere of Kabul ,since Taliban took over the control. People are fleeing to safer areas, most of them to Kabul airport, urging US and NATO forces to take them from Afghanistan.

we are witnessing heart-breaking scenes where people are running to the airport with their children. In some places, Taliban militants opened fire on civilians to force them to return home. But people ignoring their promises and assurances.

here is the video of traffic situation in Kabul;

More than 10,000 Afghans and their families are outside Kabul airport and are not allowed to enter the airport by US and NATO forces. Only those people are allowed who has completed their vetting process.

Afghan women and girls are mostly screaming for help and requesting American soldiers to let them in, so they can stay safe. See the Video of a Young Afghan girl:

The horrific scene was also witnessed when the Taliban opened fire on innocent civilians as they were going to the airport. 3 people were killed in that incident.


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