Assailants Attempt To Rape Pakistani Pastor’s Wife

A band of assailants attempted to rape a Pakistani pastor’s wife. The incident unfolded in Adda Plot on Raiwand Road near Lahore. Fortunately, the woman offered resistance and was able to defend herself. So the assailants could not prevail.

It is reported that the woman is wife of a local pastor who works as a painter. After his work, he serves as pastor in a nearby village. The pastor has revealed that his wife, while trying to resist the assailants also suffered from an abortion. She was 3 months pregnant, he said. The pastor claims that the assailants were workers as well. These assailants enjoy the backing of local influential people. While detailing the incident, the pastor said that I have been called to serve the Lord. So after my work, I pastor the people in a local village. The Christian couple has four daughters. While he was away for work, the assailants tried to assault his wife sexually. I approached the police, “they did not pay a heed to my plea. No one gave an ear to my complaint. On the contrary, the assailants are being backed by influential people,” he said. “I have no hope of justice from anywhere,” he said dejectedly. I implore the authorities to not only ensure my security but also of everyone, he pleaded. When I approached the police station, they hooked the assailants, but after a while, I saw them free again. I went to the police station and asked them that the assailants are free again, but the police showed reluctance to help me. “I am being threatened not to take further action against the perpetrators,” he said. The pastor is receiving threats of dire consequences if he fails to comply with the assailants’ demand to take no action. The pastor further detailed that the assailants threatened to kill him and get him kicked out of his house. “I will not remain silent, they tried to dishonor me. I will protest against this injustice. I want justice, I ask for justice,” he asserted.

Rapist Of A Christian Child Sentenced To Lifetime Behind The Bars

In a recent episode of sheer devilry, 8 year old Pakistani Christian girl subjected to sexual assault. The incident was reported from a village in vicinity of Sheikhupura, in Pakistan’s Punjab province. The victim (her name will be withheld in this article) was raped by a Muslim man identified as Owais also known as Chikkoo.

Owais was arrested by the police soon after he committed the crime. The news of this incident hit the social media with a storm. As the news of the incident spread, condemnation was poured in, with demands of swift action against the perpetrator so as to bar similar incidents in future. Following the uproar against the heinous act, on May 31 a local court has convicted Owais of committing the crime. Since Owais enjoyed the backing of influential people, so he escaped capital punishment as anticipated, however the court handed him a lifetime imprisonment sentence. Advocate Haroon Ranjha, Advocate Nadeem Hassan and Qaisar John and his team went all out to get the justice served. While there was immense pressure being exerted from the backers of Owais, both the lawyers continued to provide legal aid to the victim’s family. Mr. Qaisar John and his team had succored the victimized family and were finally able to make outlast.

Legislation Of Bill Prohibiting Forced Conversions In Pakistan Faces Undue Delay

In the face of ravaging incidents of forced conversions of minorities’ girls, which have increased sharply in Punjab and Sindh, the undue delay in the legislation prohibiting the menace in the country wreaks havoc to the non-Muslim Pakistanis. This bill was turned down, last year, by the Parliamentary Committee on Forced Conversions in Pakistan and recommended minute reviewing. The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Inter-faith harmony termed the bill as “non-Islamic.”

Meanwhile, there has been a sharp rise in the incidents involving Christian and Hindu girls abducted and found later as married to Muslim men claiming that they have converted to Islam. Pakistan’s provinces Punjab and Sindh are heavily struck by ravaging wave of forced conversions. Most of the incidents being reported are from Sindh and Punjab. Females hailing from the Christian and Hindu community remain the prime target. In majority of the cases, the victims come from destitute families, so they are rendered hopeless. The Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Forced Conversions, Senator Liaqat Khan Tarakai had directed the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Inter-faith Harmony to review the bill minutely. After the review, it will then be placed before the Committee for re-examination before further progress. However, many months have passed and there are no signs of furtherance in this matter. In the absence of proper legislation, the perpetrators are getting away with committing severe human rights violations. It’s estimated that around 1,000 girls from minorities’ forcibly converted to Islam every year in Pakistan. The victims are between the ages of 12-25, so after being abducted they are forced to convert and married to their abductors. While in almost all of the cases, police are reluctant to take action against the perpetrators maintaining that the girl has willfully converted to Islam and married a Muslim man. These girls are forced to give their consent statements, so no further action is taken for their recovery. In the face of this “human-rights catastrophe,” immediate legislation and action should be taken by the government to stop this prevalent menace in the country.

Deaf-Mute Abducted Christian Girl Still Missing

Deaf-mute Christian girl abducted from Lahore’s Manga Mandi area. 15-year-old, abductee Muqaddas is missing while her family pines away in her absence. An FIR has been registered in the Manga Mandi Police Station.

The girl is still missing, as the police have failed to recover her. A local pastor intervened on behalf of the victim’s family and used his influence to get an FIR registered, invoking section of 365 of Pakistan Penal Code. Similar to such cases of abduction of minorities’ minor girls there are probabilities that the girl has been abducted for the sake of coercing her to convert to Islam and marry a Muslim man. Few days have already passed, and there is still no clue of the abductee. The local pastor who intervened in the case informed in a social media video that the investigating police officer had assured him to carry our swift and effective investigations in order to recover her. Moreover, he informed that the investigating officer, asserted that the case will be solved within a day. On this occasion, a local Christian activist and journalist Saleem Iqbal urged the higher authorities, Supreme Court, and the government to take effective action in order to prevent abductions of the Christian girls. The wave of recent incidents of abduction of deaf-mute Christian girls has left Christians apprehensive. Recently, in a different incident, a 22-year-old deaf-mute Christian girl was abducted from Lahore’s Fazalia Colony. Mr. Saleem Iqbal said that the courts convene hearing even at the night time for cases of supreme importance. He said that courts must convene cases of abduction of Christian girls in the same manner, prioritizing their recovery and that justice should be served to the perpetrators.

15-Year-Old Christian Girl Forced To Convert And Marry Abductor

In a recent episode of abduction and forced conversion and marriage of minorities’ girls, Faisalabad’s 15-year-old Saba fell a prey to Muhammad Yasir’s devilry. Father of the victim, Nadeem Masih who hails from Pakistan’s Christian community has confirmed that his daughter was abducted on May 20. Saba and her elder sister were on their way to work, when the incident perpetrated in Madina Town of Faisalabad. Nadeem Masih who makes both ends meet by working at a local Textile factory.  He said that the police are reluctant to take action against the alleged abductor. He revealed that Muhammad Yasir is his neighbor who took Saba away forcibly on a rickshaw. “Yasir has already been married thrice but does not have children from either of his wives,” he said. Saba’s elder sister informed her parents about the incident and the matter was reported at the police station. Nadeem Masih claims that police are displaying unwillingness to take further action in this case. “The police are not cooperating with us,” he told an international Christian persecution watchdog. “The investigating officer keeps telling us that Saba has converted to Islam and contracted marriage with Yasir, but he has not shown us any document as yet. We are pleading with police to at least recover the girl and arrange our meeting with her so that we can ascertain the facts ourselves, but he doesn’t listen to us.” Nadeem Masih’s wife sustained an injured and her injury has rendered her unable to be an earning aid to her husband. Consequently, the older two daughters had to work as domestic workers at people’s houses to help their father financially. While remarking about his poor financial conditions, Nadeem Masih said, “I was forced to take my children, four daughters and two sons, out of school due to poverty, and my wife and elder daughters are working as household helps to supplement our family income.” Saba’s abduction and forced conversion and marriage have added to the destitute Christian family. “We are already suffering from poverty, and now our daughter has also gone missing.” This just another case of child-marriage; under Punjab Child Marriage Restraint which says that  “Any person marrying a girl of less than 16 years of age and the person conducting such marriage, including the Nikkah Solemnizer and Nikkah Registrar shall be liable for imprisonment up to 6 months and fine Rupees 50,000/-. [Punjab Child Marriage Restraint (amendment) Act 2015].” Nadeem Masih reiterates that his daughter could not have taken such a step. “Saba is just a kid and could not have gone with Yasir on her own.” He says that “Yasir’s family has tarnished our reputation in the area with claims that Saba had an affair with Yasir, and that she’s the one who coaxed him into eloping from their homes. We have no one to turn to in this difficult time.”

Fanatics burn Houses And Stores Of Christians Over Allegations Of Blasphemy In Nigeria

Religious fanatics set fire six houses and stores belonging to Christians. This recent episode of religion based persecution unfolded in Nigeria’s town Katanga in Bauchi state. The arson left at least 20 people injured. The arson was incited over allegations of blasphemy. Reports reveal that a local Christian woman Rhoda Jatau was accused of making a blasphemous comment online. 40-year-old Jatau works as a medical staff member. A band of incited Muslim youth, were looking for Jatau therefore to punish her for the alleged blasphemy. The arson badly damaged six houses and seven stores belonging to Christians. Jatau had lived in this town, but she was able to make a hasty escape prior to the attack. While speaking about this incident, a local pastor Reverend Jibrin Nababa Warji, confirmed to an international media outfit Morning Star News that, “It is unfortunate and tragic, as many Christians have been forced to flee the town to other areas of Bauchi state. Many displaced Christians are currently staying at the Nigeria Air Force Base.” Nigeria has witnessed an alarming rise in blasphemy accusations and thereafter extrajudicial killings in past few weeks. Last month, a Christian college student Deborah Emmanuel was stoned to death over alleged blasphemy accusations. The accusations also catalyzed burning of three churches this month, after two men involved in killing Deborah were arrested. Rev. Joseph John Hayab, vice-president of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Northern Nigeria Chapter, said that charges of blasphemy are leveled against Christians oftentimes to justify the attacks on Christians. “We know and have evidence of how some of these allegations of blasphemy are false and just for blackmail or settling scores with perceived enemies or well-mannered young girls who have refused sexual advances by the opposite sex from another religion. We are also aware of how fanatics have in the past raised lies in the name of blasphemy.”

We Liberated 123 people from slavery

In Past years, we were able to liberate more than 36,000 people from Slavery in Pakistan. However, due to the limited resources, we were not able to rescue a large number of People from Slavery.

But by the grace of God, we liberated 123 people from slavery on March 31st, 2022. This was the first slave rescue mission in 2022.

These people were facing hardships and persecution from the owner of the kiln, who is an influential person and is well associated with the Pakistani political establishment.

One of the biggest dangers facing these families was the forced conversion to Islam. The owner and manager of the kiln were forcing families who could not pay their debts to marry off their daughters to elderly Muslim men and convert to Islam.

These families were not allowed to leave the premises and could not be given any leave, even during illness. And if anyone tried to escape, they were being publicly tortured and reported to the police that he has escaped by stealing. Many such incidents have happened to these people.

They were not even allowed to go out of the church, only one pastor was allowed to come and worship them once a month. The pastor, who visited them almost every month, was constantly asking for help, but no church or institution was willing to help because of the fear of the kiln owner.

On the first week of March, this pastor met with our team member and expalin him about the situation in the Kiln. When our team member visited the kiln, he gathered all the information and found out that the owner of the kiln had now given Christian slaves a deadline to convert to Islam.

After discussing various plans, we finalized a plan which was completely foolproof and there was no risk of getting caught. On the night of 31st March our team rescued all 123 people from the Kiln Slavery and safely moved them to the safe homes in a distance city. Where they were provided new accomodation and Jobs.


No Hope For A Pakistani Christian Woman Accused Of Blasphemy

A Pakistani Christian woman (her name withheld for security reasons) who was accused of committing blasphemy last year in 2021, still waits justice behind the bars. Distraught and no hope at the end of the tunnel, she spends her days and nights hoping for a miracle release.

This woman was accused of insulting Islam in a Whatsapp conversation in July, 2021. She awaits her trial since then, as the judicial system seems to proceed at a snail’s pace, despite the fact that the charges of blasphemy were leveled against her quickly. Her first trial was expected to take place on May 25. However, little hope there may be for her but trials in blasphemy cases take years. The despondent woman’s family tells the tale of the deplorable conditions she has been kept in. Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, this woman has been caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. If she remains in behind the bars, she’s forced to live in pathetic conditions. On the other hand, is she is set free, she won’t be able to lead a normal life owing to the religious fanaticism that won’t allow her to live. This fanaticism often manifests in the form of extrajudicial killing of the blasphemy accused along with others associated to the accused. Moreover, her family is now fearful for their lives as well. As they pine away for their beloved behind the bars they have to be on the lookout for potential retaliation. “They keep her in a small cell and there is a separation barrier between prisoners and visitors. It is heartbreaking to see her locked up like that,” her youngest child told an international news agency.

Chinese Bishop Missing For Over A Year

Whereabouts of a detained Chinese bishop still remain a mystery even after a year has passed after he was arrested.  Bishop Joseph Zhang Weizhu of Xinxiang, who was approved of the Vatican, was arrested on May 21st, last year and no one knows where he has been kept after his arrest.

Bishop Joseph Zhang Weizhu was arrested for allegedly violating China’s regulations on religious affairs. About a year ago the authorities unleashed a crackdown against the catholic priests, seminaries and schools etc. This came after the communist government slapped a ban upon education by religious groups. In keeping with this ban, the authorities in Xinxiang shut down Catholic schools and kindergarten. Catholic priests and seminarians from a Catholic seminary in the diocese were rounded up. Media reported that all those arrested were accused of violating the country’s regulations on religious affairs. 63-year-old Bishop Zhang, was among those who were arrested in this regard. A magazine covering religious liberty and human rights claimed that Bishop Zhang has been targeted and oppressed by the officials because he refused their demand to join the government-controlled Bishops’ Conference of the Catholic Church in China and Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association. It was later revealed that the Vatican asked the communist regime to release Bishop Zhang, however, the authorities responded in negative claiming that the bishop had committed serious crimes and that he must remain in detention. This was not the first time that Bishop Zhang was arrested. Since 1991, when he was ordained with a Vatican mandate secretly, Bishop Zhang has been under the radar of the Chinese authorities. He was barred from carrying out his duties and arrested on several occasions but was later released. Referring to the Christian persecution, China occupies seventeenth position in Open Doors’ list of countries where Christians are persecuted most.

Pakistan Slammed For ‘Extrajudicial Killings Of Minorities’

Pakistan slammed for disparaging the religious minorities in the country. On May 24, the conference on “Islamism And Human Rights In Pakistan” was held in the Flemish Parliament at Leuvenseweg in Brussels, Belgium. This conference was attended by several notable individuals who pointed fingers at the downside of the Pakistani government, implementation of the legislation and effective planning for protection of the non-Muslim Pakistani.

Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy law and it’s misuse was brought under discussion. While, talking about this issue, Jamil Maqsood, central Secretary of the committee on Foreign Affairs on United Kashmir People’s party (UKPNP) said that this law was introduced in 1973, which has been used to target Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Parsis, Ahmadis etc.  No action is taken on behalf of the government to restrain the misuse of this law. In doing, so innocent minorities are suffering and are marooned in their own homeland. In some cases they are forced to flee Pakistan. He said that in a recent episode of religious bigotry, two Sikh bussinmen were killed in broad daylight in a marketplace. He alleged that there are laws that are being used against the minorities to threaten and usurp their properties. Instead of framing constitution to provide equal rights and protection to the minorities, mere resolutions are being passed. Jamil Maqsood further said that owing to the negligence on part of the government and the legislating bodies the population of minorities in Pakistan is declining. Others who addressed the attendees at this conference said that radicalism is being cultivated and nurtured in the country. Properly orchestrated systems are operating in the country to promote and impart religion based radicalism. They said that Islamic ideology is being misused to inculcate hatred in the society.